TDF: Shakshuka Easy Baked Eggs

Is it just me or is time flying by super quickly at the moment? Tuesday is here again, and another Tasty Tuesday post is up on The Design Files. This week it's my take on Shakshuka - Easy Baked Eggs. I hope you guys enjoy this brunch favourite as much as me, and decide to give it a go! 

I have grown up in a house where it’s basically impossible to not have a huge love of food. My mother’s side is Croatian, and nobody loves and appreciates food the way mediterraneans do. My father’s side were farmers, and my Nanna is an (unofficial) C.W.A. genius who could beat anyone in a cook off.

In particular, my Mum has big a been part of my obsession for great food.  Mum has supported every cooking movement I have made – cleaned kitchens up after me, bought me expensive produce I can’t afford myself (!!), chopped things for me, and even transformed our family backyard into an edible garden, growing everything from orchard fruit to peanuts to a mini corn plantation!  With a Mum like this, there is really is no excuse for me not to cook healthy food, and ensure my family are well fed at home – especially with so much home grown food ready for all my cooking adventures.

Today’s dish is inspired by my Mum and all her beautiful Croatian tomato based dishes I have grown up loving. This meal is ‘clean’. There is nothing processed or nothing to be scared of in here. It’s just super flavoursome.

Shakshuka is perfect for breakfast/lunch/brunch. This recipe serves two people comfortably, but if you’re really hungry just slip in an extra egg each. There is something so warming and satisfying about baked eggs. It’s best eaten piping hot, with the egg yolks running into the rich tomato goodness.  So easy to share and enjoy.

For the full post and recipe check The Design Files post here!

Recipe/Food Prep: Kate Bradley/Kenkō Kitchen
Styling: Lucy Feagins/The Design Files
Photography: Eve Wilson