TDF: Chipotle Black Bean Tacos

It is that time of week once again where The Design Files have rolled out another one of my delicious and healthy recipes. This weeks edition is my Mexican Fiesta. Mexican food is one of those cuisines that gets every single tastebud going. I think it’s impossible to feel low when eating this food. When done right, it’s so vibrant, fresh and delicious.

I started off like many others, thinking that the food that comes with a fishbowl margarita and sombrero when it’s your birthday is the truly authentically Mexican cuisine. The same goes with the boxed Mexican taco kit you’ll find in your local supermarket – it looks legit, but is very far from the truth!  The real deal is far fresher, and oh so tasty.

This dish may have a lot of components, but each part is so quick to make.  From start to finish this dish be completed in an hour. The maize flour tortillas are a game changer, I simply can’t make mexican without these now. If I see a family member come home with the supermarket bought, wheat based, preservative-filled tortillas, I feel like I’m going to cry.  OK, that may be a little dramatic, but when you can make something so healthy, so fast that is next level tasty, why wouldn’t you?!  So please, if you’re going to make this dish, try your hardest to make the tortillas from scratch, or otherwise (as a last resort) try and find some good quality spelt flour or corn tortillas!  The dish won’t be the same without.
I really hope you guys like my take on this favourite as much as I do!

For the full post and recipe check The Design Files post here!

Recipe/Food Prep: Kate Bradley/Kenkō Kitchen
Styling: Lucy Feagins/The Design Files
Photography: Eve Wilson

  Food Styling - Lucy Feagins/The Design Files, Photography - Eve Wilson

 Food Styling - Lucy Feagins/The Design Files, Photography - Eve Wilson