My Vitamix Review + Vanilla Matcha Protein Frappe

I hope my winter seasoned friends are currently enjoying the cold and those of you lucky enough to be having summer are soaking up every bit of Vitamin D that you can! There are so many exciting things coming from Kenkō which I can't wait to share with you all and bring forward to the community. As of October I will be holding cooking workshops in Melbourne and I am currently working on bringing some videos and giveaways to the website for you all to enjoy! I've also been working on something VERY big which I am bursting to share with you but unfortunately my lips still have to be sealed for a little bit longer! All will be revealed soon I promise!

Alongside these goodies (after many requests), the time has come for Kenkō to return to it's roots with new 'old school style Kenkō' recipes and reviews! Each week from now on I will be posting two recipes on the website and a review of something I'm totally digging! For this week I have decided to compact the review and second recipe into the one post and I hope you enjoy it. This week I am looking at my ever faithful kitchen friend, my Vitamix, and also a delicious recipe for a creamy dreamy Vanilla Matcha Protein Frappe!

Have a beautiful weekend and get in the kitchen! xx

Vitamix 'Total Nutrition Center' Review

Vitamix Total Nutrition Center. Photographed by  Elisa Watson.

Vitamix Total Nutrition Center. Photographed by Elisa Watson.

Vitamix Total Nutrition Center. Photographed by  Elisa Watson.

Vitamix Total Nutrition Center. Photographed by Elisa Watson.

Recently I have been getting some emails from different subscribers about what blender and kitchen gadgets I recommend and so I thought it was time to do another website review! One of my favourite gadgets, and something I find both helpful and rewarding every single day in the kitchen is my Vitamix 'Total Nutrition Center'. I've been very lucky to have used this gadget for around four or five years now and I'm still just as in love with it today as I was the day I got it. 

The Vitamix is a great tool for sweet and savoury dishes as well as both hot and cold dishes. I can whip up gorgeous raw desserts in seconds, or make a smooth hot soup in a minute or two! It really is a miracle worker! Although the machine looks quite simple, it has been engineered and designed so that it can undertake so many complex tasks without any trouble at all.

The Vitamix 'Total Nutrition Center' has two main switches - one to take it to maximum power on the right of the machine, and the on switch on the left which allows you to choose your speed easily and smoothly using the dial in the middle. Each time you gently move the dial around you build up the speed of the blade and give it more power! The start is great for chopping vegetables or nuts or you can move up to be able to make banana ice cream within a minute on the last setting or create nut butters quickly and simply!

I would definitely recommend the Vitamix to anyone who was interested in getting a high speed blender as though they are an expensive tool, they come with seven years warranty and will definitely live on past that without being out of date! I have watched friends buy cheap blenders and viewed on as the motor blows as it struggles to blend a simple smoothie or nut butter. As a result I've seen countless machines thrown into bins and be replaced with another cheap blender just to have the same thing happen again! My Vitamix works and looks just as brilliant as it did when I first got it in the kitchen, it's stylish, it's practical and it really is a kitchen luxury.

The team at Vitamix are friendly and if you ever have any worries they are helping you without hesitation in a prompt and kind manner. I know that you definitely have to save up a bit extra to afford a Vitamix machine but in my eyes it's worth every penny for everything it can make and all the time it saves!

You can check out more information on the Vitamix on their website or Facebook page.

Matcha Protein Frappe

Photography by  Elisa Watson .

Photography by Elisa Watson.

This is a very very simple recipe but one of my absolute favourites after a work out. It's energising, full of protein and ridiculously delicious plus it only takes about 30 seconds to create in a Vitamix or high speed blender. Matcha powder has so many great benefits for the metabolism, immune system, skin and body and adds such a great flavour when paired with the vanilla protein. It's a must try drink and for any of you who love hitting the gym like me this is a great way to recover and much more satisfying than a boring protein shake on it's own! 

400ml filtered water or unsweetened almond milk
1 scoop vanilla flavoured protein powder (I use a vegan alkaline protein)
1 cup ice
1-2 tsp matcha powder

Add all ingredients into your high speed blender and blitz until combined.
Pour into a glass or bottle and enjoy after a workout or as a delicious, creamy and energising snack!

You can also add in fresh kale, greens powder, a frozen banana, maca powder, magnesium or any other favourites you may have! If not enjoy on it's own in all it's simpleness!