Latest Recipe: Korean Bibimbap with Kochujang Sauce + Vegan Kimchi

My love affair with Korean food continues, and this week I am sharing the recipe for one of my all time favourites - Bibimbap! Bibimbap is packed with flavour and has so many individual elements which when put together create a taste explosion in your mouth! With the perfect balance of raw and cooked foods its hard to go wrong with this balanced dish.

Alongside Bibimbap, I love Kimchi - the fermented Korean cabbage/vegetable dish. I love to make this and have it in my fridge, ready for me to eat at any time. Fermented foods do wonders for our gut bacteria and I always like to include a little bit everyday in my diet. It keeps my gut happy, and my taste buds happy!


Kenkō Cooking Club

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Regular Cooking Club classes to be held in Melbourne, Australia run by Kate Bradley. Covering a range of cuisines, dietary requirements and food types; each class will be packed filled with flavour and fun!



From the Archives: The Design Files Tasty Tuesday -  Coconut, Fig & Pistachio "Cheesecake"

In the first addition to my July 2013 Tasty Tuesday on the Design Files feature was my Coconut, Fig & Pistachio Raw Cheesecake. This cake was made through pure experimentation and ended up being absolutely delicious. I have always been intrigued by the idea of raw desserts and trying to avoid sugar and gluten in my cooking. This recipe just kind of fell together and I'm glad it worked out the way it did. 

The recipe is super, super easy to follow. The filling tastes like white chocolate heavenly I don't even know what.