Latest Recipe: The Ultimate Vanilla Coconut Sundae

The recipe is for a sundae, and this sundae is THE ultimate, and I am not just saying that because it is my recipe - I'm saying it because it actually is! This sundae is an absolute dream in your mouth and will have all your taste buds screaming for more. Beginning with a smooth and creamy vanilla ice cream which is then made complete with a beautiful berry compote sauce and some insanely moorish caramelised maple nuts. You could serve this up to anyone and completely win over their heart. Not only does it look and taste beautiful, but it also can be made from start to finish within half an hour! 

This recipe is completely dairy, refined sugar and gluten free. It is a heavenly vegan treat and it's practically the healthiest thing you'll ever eat. Right?? Maybe not, but it is packed with good fats and is a perfect alternative to your regular (quite harmful) dairy and sugar laden sundae!


Kenkō Cooking Club

Want to learn how to cook simple, delicious and healthy meals? Now you can by coming to a Kenkō Kitchen Cooking Club event! 

Regular Cooking Club demonstration classes are now being held in Melbourne, Australia run by Kate Bradley. Covering a range of cuisines, dietary requirements and food types; each class will be packed filled with flavour and fun!

Sunday October 12th 9:30AM-12:00PM Introduction to Whole Food Cooking

Sunday October 12th 1:00PM-3:30PM Plant Based Mexican Cooking 

Sunday October 26th 9:30AM-12:00PM Introduction to Whole Food Cooking

Sunday October 26th 1:00PM-3:30PM Plant Based Mexican Cooking 

From the Archives: The Design Files Tasty Tuesday -  Coconut, Fig & Pistachio "Cheesecake"

In the first addition to my July 2013 Tasty Tuesday on the Design Files feature was my Coconut, Fig & Pistachio Raw Cheesecake. This cake was made through pure experimentation and ended up being absolutely delicious. I have always been intrigued by the idea of raw desserts and trying to avoid sugar and gluten in my cooking. This recipe just kind of fell together and I'm glad it worked out the way it did. 

The recipe is super, super easy to follow. The filling tastes like white chocolate heavenly I don't even know what.