Kenkō Kitchen is a project started by Kate Bradley to share her wholefood recipes and. All recipes are refined sugar free, (mostly) gluten free and (mostly) vegan. 

About Kate Bradley

Hello, my name is Kate Bradley and I am a 24 year old cook student based in Melbourne, Australia.  I created this blog as a way of sharing my healthy food recipes with the world.
It was hard to escape a love of food with the family I have around me. On my mothers side I have the Croatians, and there is nobody who quite loves food like a Mediterranean loves food. Then on my fathers side I have farmers and an (unofficial) C.W.A. Nanna who would beat anyone in a cook off. Both sides of my family are grow-it-yourself people which I highly support. Both my grandparents grow their own fruit and vegetables and as a result, my parents have provided me with the most inspiring back and front yards. Each plant is edible - from the orchard fruit, to the mini corn plantation, to the multiple nut trees, the banana plants and all the small rare herbs, fruits and vegetables. Each morning I can wake up and grab some fruit and vegetables to nibble on or turn into a juice for a satisfying breakfast, and when I come home I get to take a pick of the whole food paradise in front of me and choose which bio-dynamic produce I will use that night for dinner. Even my dogs loves being in that backyard amongst it all!
In high school I was nicknamed Betty Crocker as I used any occasion as an excuse to bake. I would arrive at every event brownies, cookies or cakes in hand. Slowly my love of baking grew into a general love of food and has now evolved into a love of whole foods and clean eating. At the end of 2012 I decided to give up fructose (sugar), gluten and all processed foods. This was a difficult challenge but I had the endless support of my mother who is my biggest food inspiration, and the support of my boyfriend who decided to take the leap with me (80% of the time anyway). Although some of my recipes do contain fish or dairy I am in fact a vegan and do not eat these things myself. I do however still cook them for my family and friends and can still appreciate the produce. 
I started this website to inspire other young people to cook healthily and learn more of an appreciation for their food instead of chucking whatever in their mouths and just ignoring what may result from it. It is also to provide very simple recipes for even the most fearful chef to master as well as providing balanced and nutritious ways to start, fuel and end the day with a couple of sweet treats thrown in for good measure.